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Temporary Staffing: Whether you need to augment your workforce for a special project, or you need a last-minute fill-in for sick or vacation days, JC Staffing can provide qualified temporary help, when you need it.

Temporary-To- Hire: If you’re not quite ready to make a full-time hiring decision, our temp-to-hire program provides the flexibility of temporary staffing with the commitment of a full-time hire. Try out an employee in your business for a predetermined length of time. At its completion, choose to hire that employee permanently or go in another direction, the choice is yours.

Direct Hire: Finding the right employee is essential to the success of your business. JC Staffing is committed to locating a custom match for your direct hire needs through our sourcing and screening best practices.

Managed Staffing: We will manage all aspects of a department’s staffing function and customize a program for hiring and recruiting and managing temporary employees. Helping you to increase productivity and freeing you from the time and cost burdens of hiring.

On-Site-Program: with our On-Premise Program,   JC Staffing can manage every part of the staffing and hiring process. From interviewing to controlling staffing levels, our on-site representatives will handle all issues involved with managing a large contingent workforce. Our representatives will work with you to develop a highly customized program that fits your staffing needs.